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How It Works

NBBI is a for-profit company, established in 2001, with the highest rating from the Better Business Bureau. NBBI has developed an outreach program called America's Drug Card (ADC). Through this program, our Reps distribute free discount prescription cards to health clinics, hospitals, doctors' offices, social service agencies, individuals or to anyone who needs help paying for their prescription medications. The America's Drug Card gives you the opportunity to work independently, yet with training and guidance. When you build a residual income with us, it pays year after year.

The discount prescription card saves an average of 15% on brand-name medication and 55% on generic medication. The bearer of this card will always receive the lowest price available for any particular FDA-approved medication at the chosen participating pharmacy. The card is accepted at over 80% of pharmacies in the U.S. and its territories, including both major chains and independent pharmacies and the card never expires.

Not only will you receive 7,500 cards when you sign up, but we will give you two free websites. The first website, your .org site or cardholder site, enables you to direct people to a place where they can compare pharmacies and drug pricing to make sure they receive the best discount available with the card. The second website, your .info site, enables you, the Rep, to share this opportunity with others so you can start growing a successful down line. After logging into your .info site or back-office, you will see that it is filled with important information to keep you current in your business. You will be able to listen to previously recorded conference calls and access valuable marketing materials, such as flyers, to help market your cards. The literature you will find is extremely informative and you can leave these flyers with the clinics and healthcare providers you visit.

The initial enrollment fee to become a Representative for NBBI is $79.95 ($49.95 for people 62 and above). The annual renewal fee to remain a Representative is $29.95. When a renewal fee is due, unpaid commission will be applied to the renewal fee.

Commissions are paid monthly. The minimum payment made at any one time will be $25.00. Net commissions less than $25.00 will be carried over until the Representative has accumulated $25.00 as long as he/she remains an Active Representative. A Representative is an Active Representative if his/her contract has not been terminated and his/her contract is in the initial term or is currently renewed.