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Frequently Asked Questions

What is America's Drug Card?
America's Drug Card (ADC) is an Outreach Program established by National Benefit Builders Inc. NBBI is a for-profit company, with the highest rating by the Better Business Bureau, that has been in the wholesale discount medical product business since 2001. Because of the nature of their business, they are able to provide discount prescription cards completely FREE to the public, through the ADC outreach program.
Why do people become part of the ADC Program?
Our Independent Representatives join us for several reasons. They want an opportunity to work independently, yet with training and guidance with an organization that helps them reach their goals by helping others reach theirs. In addition, they want to do something meaningful and enjoy their work. And they want to build up residual income that pays year after year.
What do Representatives do?
With the expert comprehensive training that is provided at no charge to each Representative they get free discount prescription cards into the hands of counselors, social workers, clinicians, who help the millions of people who are uninsured or underinsured and need assistance paying for their prescription medications. This huge and growing market not only needs our help, but is the basis for our tremendous expansion over the last few years and why we are so excited about our future.
What does the discount prescription drug card do?
It provides a discount on prescription medicines at the pharmacy. It helps people who need help paying for their medications. It mostly helps people who pay cash for their prescriptions, or who have little or no medical benefits. There are no age or income restrictions, no preexisting condition clause, and no waiting periods. These cards can make a tremendous difference in a person’s life, such as enabling them to purchase an entire prescription instead of going without. The free discount card comes ready to use; there is no activation needed. A person just presents it to the each time he or she needs medication. The patient pays only the discounted price, and can use the card over and over.
What help is provided to the Representatives when they become part of the program?
Besides the excellent training mentioned above, as a Representative you receive two websites and 7,500 discount cards with your unique number all for the initial enrollment fee of $79.95 ($49.95 for people 62 and above). The annual renewal fee to remain a Representative shall be $29.95. The first website enables you to direct people to a place where they can compare pharmacies and drug prices, helping them get the best discount. The second website enables you to share this opportunity with others, and includes a full back office with training materials. This is the website you are currently on.
What is the earning potential by distributing these cards?
Independent Representative receives $1.25 for EACH compensable prescription that NBBI receives payment for, EACH time their unique card is used. The key is to get the cards into places where they can be of the most help: mental health clinics, medical clinics, outpatient hospital clinics, and other places where people are being prescribed multiple medications taken on a recurring basis. While this is not multilevel marketing, there is the opportunity to build one level of growth in which you can earn a 25 cent override on the production of your team.
Who are the participating pharmacies?
Over 80% of the pharmacies in the U.S. and its territories participate. This includes major chains such as Rite-Aid, Wal-Mart, Walgreen’s, and Target; major supermarkets such as Shop-Rite, Krogers, Kings, Weiss, and Raleys; and independent pharmacies.
What savings can the cardholder expect and what is included?
Card users save an average of 55% on generic medication, and 15% on brand name medication. All FDA approved prescription medications are eligible for the card discount, and this card is offered to them for free. The card also provides a discount on lifestyle medications such as erectile dysfunction, smoking cessation, and weight loss et al.
What is the compensation plan?
When the Representative ID # on the card is inputted by the pharmacist and a discount is received, that Representative receives $1.25 for EACH prescription that NBBI is compensated for, EACH time the card bearer uses that Representative’s card. With just 1,000 patients using the card monthly, the Representative earns $1,250 monthly. For those of you who are business builders, NBBI will also compensate you 25 cents each time one of your direct teammate’s card is used as well. As you can see, the residual income potential is phenomenal!
Can I direct mail to pharmacies?
No. Direct mail to pharmacies is prohibited. You may mail to anyone EXCEPT pharmacies. You may NOT hand out cards on pharmacy property either.
What happens after I become a card distributor?
You will receive your welcome email, a New Representative Checklist to jumpstart your business successfully, and your unique ID number the same day. Your 2 websites will be generated within a few days, and you will receive a call from your assigned Program Advisor to help maximize your earning potential.